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Many of you guys ask questions about our delivery. It’s totally understandable taking into account dozens of factors that affect international shipping we make. To make things clear we decided to write a detailed article explaining how delivery works and what to expect if you win items on our website.

First things first

Right now Drakemall does not have its own delivery service, therefore we have to outsource this function. 

And since we bring third parties to business, the delivery takes more time. Officially, Drakemall delivers its items anywhere in the world, however, keep in mind that for certain reasons we might refuse to deliver items to specific countries or regions. To make sure Drakemall delivers in your country, please contact [email protected] before using the service.

So, how do we ship items?

When you have won the item and ready to make a request, you only have to fill the delivery form stating your full name, address, and other necessary information. Then our delivery managers begin to process the request. In normal conditions, we will purchase the item in the country you live and try to arrange further shipment with the store we bought the item. If they refuse, we’ll use a mediator to acquire the item and send it to you via reliable courier service. At the moment we work with DHL, UPS, and USPS. From these courier services we get a tracking code you can see on the website. Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks for our clients to receive the package. 🚚

Read about their conditions here: dhl.comups.comabout.usps.com

See our guide to the delivery:

Proofs about Drakemall delivery

We know how many scammers are out there on the internet and respect your desire to double check our service before depositing your money. That is why we’re going to post some proofs in this article. Those are unboxing videos and photos people send to us and the reason why they do that is because DrakeMall gives cash bonuses for sharing these materials ($5 for picture and $10 for video). Get the item, unbox it in front of a camera, upload it to your social network, send us the link and we’ll top-up your balance.

Here is an easy instruction:

1⃣ Order delivery of your prize on our site.
2⃣ Make a video or photos with unboxing.
3⃣ Post it into your account with tags: #drakemall #drakemallunboxing #drakemalldelivery
4⃣ Email us on [email protected] with the link to this post, your name and ID on the site.
5⃣ Receive credits on your account equal to delivery fees.

If you’ve already received the prize you can make a video about it and post it with tags:#drakemall #drakemalldelivery

📸 Waiting for your videos and photos, guys!

You can see examples of unboxing videos:

GO HERE for more unboxing reviews!

And also check out social post under the #drakemalldelivery hashtag. 📦

As you can see, there are reasons to trust Drakemall.com and our partners. If you have more questions about our delivery service, please read this: https://drakemall.com/delivery.

And as always, our support team will answer any questions regarding shipment.


Stay cool but also stay warm! 😎