Free DrakeMall Giveaways

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For those of you who wonder how to get free stuff from Drakemall, we have an exciting thing to offer.

🎁 regularly organizes giveaways where you can get cool items for free. On this page, you can read about our giveaways and raffles as we’ll explain basic mechanisms, tell you how we pick winners and what to expect:

🐲   So, the first thing you need to know about giveaways is that we only run them on The platform allows fast and convenient realization of the event as well as the warranty of fairness. When we create a giveaway, we always create posts on social networks with the link to the event on

🐲   We use a so-called pool system for our giveaways. This means you have to earn points (entries) to increase your chances to win. To earn points, you have to perform simple actions on the giveaway page, such as subscribing to our social networks. Most of the tasks can only be completed once while the others you can do multiple times during the giveaway.

🐲   By the end of the event, we close the registration and pick a winner. It will be determined randomly via mechanisms, over which Drakemall has no control.

🐲   Then, a winner receives the notification on his e-mail, and after he responds, we send the item at the address provided. In the letter, a user will also get a tracking code to monitor shipment.

🐲   In case the customs will hold the item, make you pay taxes or other fees, or request the documents, you should contact We will cover all the expenses related to the shipment.

At the moment, we completed seven giveaways with over six thousand people attended. You can find the results of these giveaways and participate in further events on our Facebook page.

Even though our giveaways are open for everyone, there are some restrictions. First of all, you cannot participate if your age is below 18 🔞. Besides that, there are problems with shipping to some countries or regions. To make sure you can join, please contact our support!

Good luck! 🤞