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There are lots of attention to the Drakemall customers delivery (GO HERE) on the internet these days. Reviews, feedbacks, etc. We seek to improve the Drakemall project and to keep up with our Fun, Fast and Fair model, we decided to create a page where you can leave your review or opinion without getting banned.

This is the page where drakemall users exchange their thoughts about the website and help new users to decide whether to try it or not. Share your REAL case opening experience, impressions on our delivery and other services, leave your suggestions and advices. For that, you only have to register and follow simple rules.

Did you win or lost, how was your delivery going on, was your interaction with support overall satisfying?

Tell us your story right below!

But remember: No spamming, No offensive comments, No racism, No discrimination, and No threats, otherwise, we’ll block you.

Be a good fella and respect other members of Drakemall forum! 🐲

3 Replies to “Reviews and Opinions about DrakeMall”

  1. Cool idea, but as always need do get lucky.

    need an advice? don’t quick sell the first valuable item you get, better order it right avay. coz otherwise you’ll most likely loose it.

  2. Tried this website a couple of times already. Would only recommend it if you have money to spare. Because when you buy only one case you usually get nothing, so go for at least two or three. And also, don’t play the cheapest ones. Those are complete bullshit.

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