The Whole Truth About DrakeMall

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This article is dedicated to Drakemall 🐲 Here we’ll explain the functionality of this website, how it works, its main features. We’ll answer the question about our services, guarantees, about payments and legal aspects. So get yourself comfortable and find out the only truth about

What is Drakemall?

It is an e-commerce project with the element of gamble. The project was launched in the autumn of 2017. It was inspired by CS: GO Open Case phenomenon and in many respects reiterates these mechanisms. You can purchase electronics and other trendy items in a regular way as well as to try a unique alternative – case opening. What is the case opening? Read the article further to find out.

Functionality and working mechanism works just like any other online store where you can purchase stuff with your credit card or other payment systems. After the purchase, an item will be shipped to its happy owner within a couple of weeks almost anywhere in the world. However, this is not what defines Drakemall as a unique project. Here you can also get every item by opening cases. Cases are sets of items, usually grouped by themes. Every item inside the case has its ‘unique number’ and when you open the case, the system randomly picks the number and gives out the prize. This means you will always get one item.

📦 To open the case, you need to register, deposit the required amount of funds and fill the delivery form.

Guide on how to register:

If you have trouble depositing funds into your account, you should try alternative payment options.

Is safe to use?

Drakemall is true. Since the launch, we serviced thousands of users. Every customer who received the package we invite to share what they got via social networks for a reward. And many of them left their unboxing pictures and videos we can use as the evidence of credibility – GO TO CHECK!

Here are some materials people sent to us:

And other social networks with the #drakemalldelivery hashtag. You can also see the reviews and feedbacks on the internet to reassure Drakemall is not a scam.

What items it has to offer?

🎁 There currently have over 300 unique items on the website and this list is constantly updating. Well-known branded items come to us only from official retailers and are 100% original and authentic. Rest of the items we get from various sellers on Amazon and other platforms. Everything we add to our cases is inspected and verified.

How to win an iPhone?

Even though Drakemall provides a unique opportunity to win every item listed on the website, there is no precise method to WIN any specific item, nor there are guarantees that our offer is cheaper than other offers online. The more expensive thing is – the fewer chances to unbox it, i.e., the outcome solely depends on your luck and not controlled by any manual mechanisms.

Is it safe to pay at

We do not store any credit information, credit card numbers and can’t get the access to your bank account, because third-party payment systems we use do not allow that.

Can I trust the Delivery?

We send our items to customers via third-party postal services and courier companies. These companies give us the guarantees to deliver you the items safe and sound. In case anything goes wrong, delivery services will pay us the penalty, and we’ll resend the item to you again. To track the package we will provide you a tracking code. And, of course, you can contact our support services anytime to find out the status of your shipment. Read more about shipping here.

Hope we answered your questions explained our service. Thank for reading and good luck with cases!